Biozyme Cleaner

Biozyme Cleaner - Gal.

Biozyme Cleaner

For strains of enzyme producing bacteria with a spring fresh fragrance that digests organic waste, reduces the volume of solids and destroys odors. Use in drains, grease traps, portable toilets and restrooms. Eliminates odors. It is entirely non-polluting and contains no adds or corrosives. Put the power of the latest advancements in bio-active technology to work. There are no harsh chemicals or pollutants. It is composed of billions of aggressive bacteria, fortified with a unique free enzyme system, which liquefies waste and keeps drains free-flowing. The special blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes effectively combats clogs caused by soap, hair, food, grease, and other common wastes. It is safe and easy to use and is not harmful to the environment, plumbing, or septic systems. It is ideal for use in restaurants and food service operations.