Pack: 4/CS

PCS Citra Magic All Purpose RTU Cleaner - Gal.

Item # HOC3548-1

Clean everything with one ready-to-use product: appliances, equipment, bath tubs, showers, carpet spots, chrome, counters, engines, grease, heel marks, ink, laundry prespotter, pet stains, plastic. Emulsifying citrus degreaser for general maintenance. Butyl free. Ethylene glycol free, formulation with superior emulsifying ability on oily soils. Degreases industrial equipment, parts, tools and floors. Cleans floors, walls and other surfaces not damaged by water. Removes grease in kitchen from fans. Industrial all purpose degreaser. Positively emulsifies oily soils. Suspends soils for easy removal. One product does more jobs, so you have less inventory and easier training. A general purpose degreaser with superior emulsifying ability on any type of oily soil. A wide variety of cleaning applications can be performed with this cleaner degreaser. Its low odor, water-based formulation enables this product to be used in enclosed or confined areas when ventilation may be inadequate for other cleaners. This product will perform many cleaning chores in various industrial, institutional, and commercial environments.

Gal., 4/cs